Due to the fact that many of our administrators are professionals in many fields; the following is information that all our wonderful subscribers do need to understand for legal reasons.

AAPN does not give personal and specific medical advice to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or injury, and will not provide that information if asked. Posts by AAPN are generalized, and are presented by the explicit views and opinions of, but not limited to, AAPN, its members, its affiliates, and forwarded news articles. AAPN does not hold itself liable for any injuries due to personal blunders that may be misinterpreted by satirical postings. AAPN and its affiliates do share relevant and developing information, both political and scientific, and presents them from their publishers as well. AAPN maintains its rights to net neutrality and maintains its rights to libel laws. AAPN maintains its rights to manage its forum, but does not endorse the opinions of any commentators on the page, and those opinions are strictly those of the commentators.

Privacy policy:

Member details are used strictly for log in purposes. No details will be shared or sold to any other parties.

Rules for the AAPN group and Facebook page.

Summary of Bannable Offenses

1. Personally attacking other members of our group. (Name calling, ad hominems, defamatory statements, etc…)

2. Offensive content: Sexist comments, rape jokes, disparaging of disabilities, racism, antisemitic, misgendering, or attempts to violate the spirit of this rule.

3. Blocking Admins or Moderators. The Admin and Moderatornames are available in the member list.

4. Posting non-public content of anyone without blocking out their names in a post in this group or in other locations.

5. Repeat minor offenses.

(Note: The Admin team may give you a warning first or remove you from the group without notification, based on the offense.)

6. When someone asks for burden of proof, you must be able to provide that.

7. Anything otherwise against Facebook policy such as Nudity (regardless it is unlikely an on topic post will reasonably feature it) . Facebook policies

8. Posts of images, memes and links must have a descriptive introduction. Emoticons do not count.

Two things to remember:

1. Here at AAPN we embrace the scientific method. We draw our evidence, hypotheses, and conclusions all by utilizing this specific process. When our admins discuss matters, we do so in a professional manner and draw our conclusions via this method. Being a member or participant of the group, page, or website AAPN, we would expect the same from you as well. We don’t partake in ad hominem remarks or delve into nonsense, when making an assertion, it is a must that you have a reputable source to cite when doing so, or you are using(citing) an already well established scientific principle(s).

2. Humorous posts are always welcome, when posting humorous or satirical postings, you don’t need to abide by the previously mentioned guide lines, but don’t take it too seriously and have fun with it.

POSTS: Please moderate your own posts for these rule infractions, we encourage members to tag an Admin if there are any rule violations that you can’t handle.

CONTENT: Inappropriate images/posts will be removed from the page. The offensive content will be explained to the member. Upon removal, the Admin may decide to ban the member in question depending on the level of offense.

SUBJECT MATTER: The group is international and generally non political we do allow specific exceptions for the separation of church and state. Political topics thst address science/science denial, and religious promotion/secular persecution are on topic. The general focus is on debunking of pseudoscience but posting cool interesting science is also encouraged.

Also do not post questions about the group administration and do not violate Facebook rules or spam the same subject matter in the group, and we don’t need to start a new thread referring to an old thread, it helps to keep things focused when we keep it in the same thread.

IMAGES: All Content posted to the group should be SFW (safe for work) If an image is NSFW (not safe for work), a member should post an external link with no preview with a tag NSFW. If a member is unsure about an image, ask an Admin.

TROLLING: Please do not intentionally troll the group. If you have something you want to discuss that will aggravate other members, please make an argument in your OP explaining your position.

DISCUSSIONS: should be related to the subject of the original post. Please do not “hi-jack” threads. When you find that you feel antagonized by the other person, it may help to take a break or find common ground on the subject. We are here to learn from each other, find common ground, and to be part of a community.

REPORTING: Please tag an Admin or private message an Admin. You can also report a post to the Admin team instead of to Facebook and all of the Admins will see the post.

THEIST ACCUSATIONS: Please do not accuse fellow members of being a theist, if you have suspicions that someone is a theist, then please contact an Admin or tag an Admin in the post.

AAPN IS INTERNATIONAL: AAPN holds no political affiliations and can’t hold one due to the nature of this organization. We are never the less actively for the separation of church and state.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Disclaimer * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Let’s make this as clear as possible, no you cannot spout out your hate, racism, sexism, etc. in this group and cry “free speech”. When you leave a comment on the group page, you are speaking in a privately controlled space; this means you should have no expectation that your speech is protected beyond what the group’s rules and Facebook’s terms of use allow. The group has no *obligation* to allow you to speak freely in this way. We hold our group members to a high standard and if you violate the rules, create post, or post comments that promote hate, racism, sexism, or start discussions that we find aren’t up to those standards; we reserve our right to remove it and you from the group. You have the right to say whatever you want (depending on where you live) but you do not have the right to do it here. No more than we would have the right to stand in your home and spout hate, racism, sexism, etc. You wouldn’t have it there we don’t want it here.

Admin promise to you: We will evaluate every suspected rule violation without ideological bias and make decisions as an Admin team prior to removing or banning any member of the group. If you feel you were unjustly banned, you may request a review by the Admins.

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