Author: Andres Vargas

Debunking pseudoscience

The Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity

The ‘Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity This post was originally published on Mar 19 2015 here Today Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense takes its proverbial baseball bat to the skull that is the intellectual clusterfuck known as the ‘Ancient Aliens.’ Before treading any further down this alley, we would like to take a moment to make something clear.…
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Our State of HAPI-ness in the Philippines

.                                 What is Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) Trailblazers of secular humanism in the Philippines First: we are HAPI because we envision ourselves as the trailblazers of secular humanism in the Philippines. This is our identity. It is our mission and vision, and the meaning of our logo: S – Secularism of State H –…
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Responses to Popular Anti-GMO Arguments & Rhetoric

Responses to Popular Anti-GMO Arguments & Rhetoric     The typical rhetoric from the anti-GMO crowd can range anywhere from harmless, benign questions to malignant, ignorant claims based on complete scientific illiteracy. There are hundreds of questions, concerns, and claims from the anti-GMO movement, some more legitimate than others, but I will only be addressing a…
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Logic, reason and pseudscientific nonsense

Logic, reason and pseudscientific nonsense Originally published on as Logic, reason and pseudscience The tripartite definition of knowledge states that propositional knowledge , i.e. knowledge that p , has three individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions: justification, truth and belief. In short, propositional knowledge is justified true belief. The belief condition requires that anyone who knows…
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“Burger Fear Mongering.”

A report quickly went viral which claims to explain what happens to our bodies when we eat a McDonald’s Big Mac: As a biology major and skeptic I was immediately intrigued by this, so I began reading through the post — and holy hell… I quickly found myself reading an article that was nothing more than…
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