Enough With The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories!

9/11 Conspiracy


Some facts and figures for conspiracy theorists


•1 Inertia is a bitch, a fully loaded jumbo jet slammed into a tower at high speed dead center and at an angle; so the structural stability of the building was already compromised.


•2 The steel doesn’t have to melt, although jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel, the higher the heat the higher the plasticity of the metal; thus increasing structural instability.


•3 There was plenty of structure above the point of impact that was still being supported, which equals a lot of weight above the point of impact.


•4 Time, with all these factors at play, the longer the fire burned, the more the structure became unstable.

•5 The perfect storm: with everything that happened to the tower, the tower catastrophically failed and the weight of the structure being supported above the impact site came down. The collapsing building acted like a zipper which is why the buildings fell in the fashion they did.


•6 The reason windows were blowing out below the collapsing building was due to differential pressure from air compression.


So no, this is easily explained by science…

Any questions? If not, class is dismissed…

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  1. Giving conspiracy nuts a lot of credit, assuming logic and science are part of their worldview.

  2. thank you for proving even further that the conspiracy theories are correct , you clearly demonstrate here how it is impossible for the 2 towers you have tried to explain the collapse of could have had nothing to do with the collapse of tower 7 the third tower that also collapsed in a free fall manor , your failure to even mention the third tower for me proves you know the conspiracy is indeed true

    1. Two airplanes piloted by guys that know next to nothing about flying an aircraft crash into two buildings—three buildings collapse in a way no other building has ever collapsed before unless done intentionally–but if you have a few questions about it–you’re a nut and a conspiracy theorist. Oh ya—and one of the pilots passports flutters to the ground a short distance away. Nope–nothing unusual here.

      1. Ask any pilot the hard bits.
        1 Take off
        2 Landing
        3 Things going wrong.
        Go to ANY flight experience location and they will go up, let you play with the controls, then they land it.

    2. Having read two other comments here, the conspiracy idiots aren’t buying logic or science.

      1. you mean to say that two jetliners and two massive titanium/steel reinforced concrete buildings were reduced to dust and a PAPER passport that was on board one of said jetliners escaped being vaporized and landed safely in the hands of the authorities is logical… and that wtc7, that wasn’t struck by planes or falling buildings, also fell in similar fashion logical? i think someone one must have skipped class the day they explained the scientific method….but hey what do i know i’m just a simpleton american who obeys blindly what the MSM spouts as truth. Has anyone seen my tinfoil hat? i think the aliens from Omicron Persei VIII are swinging by tonight and i want to be prepared for the anal probing.

    3. 1) None of the three buildings fell at free-fall speed. You can see ejected debris falling *faster* than the collapse of the buildings.

      2) WTC wasn’t hit by a plane but it *was* hit bu thousands of tones of debris from the WTC 1 collapse.

    4. Lol your desperation to keep the conspiracy going is adorable. All you’ve shown is how slow people like you are to accept the truth: you’re wrong. Get over it.

    5. “your failure to even mention the third tower for me proves you know the conspiracy is indeed true”

      Nice non sequitur.

    6. His lack of mention of tower 7 proves exactly nothing but that he did not mention it. I would surmise that he felt like it was not necessary because he didn’t believe anyone would use it to compound The Conspiracy Theory. He forgot that conspiracy nuts will try to find a loophole in anything he said to further their crazy bullshit ideas.

    7. …that you don’t know the difference between “manor” and “manner” shows that you’re barely intelligent.

    8. What exactly IS the 9/11 conspiracy? I’ve never really understood just what it supposed to be about. Is it about it never really happened or shape changing lizards flew the planes or some other equally insane hypothesis? Please enlighten me.

  3. That explanation hasn’t swayed conspiracy theorists, who contend that all three buildings were wired with explosives in advance and razed in a series of controlled demolitions.

  4. who told that load of rubbish about tower 7 , cant find anything on google , all there is a stupid story that does not wash about being on fire , you will note that the empire state building was hit by a plane burned for 72 hours ( thats 3 days if your i.q is bit low ) and is still standing to this day , and this happened in 1945 i believe when fire fighting was primitive for skyscrapers , not even a sprinkler system lmfao

    1. You suck at google.

      Cos I found a lot of information, not to mention the NIST report.

      But you won’t believe the NIST report, anyway, so why bother.

    2. Speaking of low IQ’s, the fire was put out in 40 minutes. So your IQ must be in the basement Petey Boy. Wikipedia is your friend but your low IQ prevents you from finding it.

    3. Reasonably sure there were no jumbo jets in 45.

  5. The collapses break Newtons third law. This explanation is total nonsense. Perfect storm twice? Then the WTC 7?

  6. For anyone to bring down 3 buildings with explosives would take thousands of man hours to finance, acquire, transport and install said explosives All we need to do is find one financier, purchaser,truck driver or explosive installer that will tell us how it was done and by whom Case solved And not one of the thousands of workers suggested to their friends or neighbors they should stay home from work that day

    1. Well said. TWO people cant keep a secret let alone the hundreds needed to be involved in something like laying explosives in these bulidings.

  7. Ask any pilot the hard bits.
    1 Take off
    2 Landing
    3 Things going wrong.
    Go to ANY flight experience location and they will go up, let you play with the controls, then they land it.

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