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Debunking psdeudoscience

From Superstition to Reason: Journeys to Humanism/Atheism by HAPI

    At long last, the very first secular book has come out from the printing press in Manila, Philippines. Soft launching is today, Good Friday for the Roman Catholics all over the world, a symbol of death for them, while it is a symbol of  love and education for us in HAPI (Humanist Alliance…
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Our State of HAPI-ness in the Philippines

.                                 What is Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) Trailblazers of secular humanism in the Philippines First: we are HAPI because we envision ourselves as the trailblazers of secular humanism in the Philippines. This is our identity. It is our mission and vision, and the meaning of our logo: S – Secularism of State H –…
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