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Debunking pseudoscience

David Goodall’s Death Reaffirms How Important the “Right to Die” Is

As many of you may have heard by now, renowned ecologist David Goodall has passed away. While it is of course extremely unfortunate to hear about the death of somebody who was well-loved, I think the details surrounding his passing make for an interesting philosophical discussion. The cause of his death was suicide, however it…
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How I became an Atheist in Pakistan

  This story is being posted on behalf of a member of the AAPN community. Our friend Adeel. I am no different from anyone around me. Being born in a Muslim family I was no different from every other Muslim baby. When I was born my parents felt that I was blessing of Allah forgetting…
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Logic, And Why God Isn’t The Answer

Originally published by our friends at Jan 10 2016 I have come across many different types of believers in my time. Those that believe because of Indoctrination, those that believe because of fear, those that believe because of personal experiences, and many more. But the one thing that I struggle with understanding more than any…
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The Divine Plan Fallacy

A Quick Dose of Harsh Reality   I can’t stand it when people try to assert to me their god has “a plan for me”… If God has a plan for you, me and every other poor smuck in the world to include the world itself, did god plan to have the twin towers destroyed…
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Why the God of the Gaps Drive Atheists Nuts!

Why the God of the Gaps Drive Atheists Nuts!     The ‘God of the Gaps’ fallacy seems to be one of the most common philosophical errors in today’s age, from the dawn of humanity, to the big bang, we have many explanations and plenty of evidence, but many still reject the evidence. External link…
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The Problem With “Christian Values”

The Problem With “Christian Values”   ‘Christian values’, are completely subjective as one ‘Christian’s values’ are completely different than another’s ‘Christian values’, which begs the question, what is the definition of ‘Christian values’ when Christians can’t even agree on what they believe is the correct set of values. Or view here If your morals and…
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