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AAPN’s Staff come from all walks of life and from all over the world. AAPN is not a personal Blog but a community of contributors and volunteers. Below are the people who make AAPN what it is, thank you for your continued support and as always, stay skeptical.


Daniel (Pablo) – Location: Bremerton, Washington USA

Area of Expertise: An expert on GMO and/or fad foods and outrageous claims by manufacturers. Skilled in anti- apologetics, started some group full of crazy people. Associates degree in hazard analysis and critical control points, operational risk management, sanitation, food borne illness, mass food service production, restaurant management, currently studying for Bachelors in Science in Biology, Certified EMT, firefighter, damage control-man, Navy veteran and all around badass.
Area of Interest: Science, biology, human rights groups dedicated to add the case against pseudoscience.


Beagle  –  Location: UK

Areas of Expertise: Earning a philosophy degree led her naturally into a rewarding five year stint as a veterinary nurse. The Florida native then married and moved to the UK where she indulges in her writing, historical research, and a creepy obsession with researching serial killers in between providing coffee for a work at home husband and caring for three spoiled canine creatures.
Areas of Interest: Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Civil Rights, Animals, True Crime, Useless Information, and all things weird. Can’t cook but would totally host a dinner party for Bruce Dickinson, Huey Lewis and Prof. Brian Cox. Partner in crime with gellie.



Starbuck – Location:Central Valley, California, USA
Area of Expertise: Geologist assistant, Gold Assayer, worked with spectrometry, spectrograph until 19 years of age, Production Operator, SO4, (ADHD) Education obtained self taught. A driver.
Area of Interest: Love maps, (obsessed) history, science, hate math. exchanging feline pics with gellie.

Dave  – Location: Detroit, Michigan (aka downriver) USA (41, father of 5, grandfather of 1)
Areas of Expertise: Not certified except in life lessons which are many. Authors opinion you don’t need a degree to the absolute expert. Unitized auto body and replacement though of the State of MI. Can crop a top on a 34 Ford without question. I can remodel your home drop in that jacuzzi tub in the great too,… i can sew you a top for your boat or cook you a 5 star dinner. BBQ monk fish with jalapeño raspberry sauce. Yes I cook too.
Areas of Interest: Grew up half ass jehovah witches ahem I meant witness. One year Christmas the next no Christmas. Couldn’t play with my G.I Joe’s on Wednesdays. (the pricks) Go-Bots and GI Joe’s were very important to me (my shit). For the record I don’t debate but do involved in the occasional snark. I have no interest,  my cave man tendencies and limited tolerance for blatant stupidity pushes me right over the edge of throwing feces or throwing blows. It is my curse I recognize and accept it.
I have many interests including; Science, Logic, Compassion, Peace, Excellent Bourbon, Child care, Animals, Space, Earth, Medicine, Food, Music, Love, Truth, in no particular order of course.

Maniac – Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan

Areas of Expertise: Industrial computer, data collection devices (fancy name for barcode scanner, computer controlled lock/card scanner etc) electronics and audio electronics
Areas of Interest: general science, engineering, audio electronics.

Zeus – Doc – Location: DuBois Pennsylvania

Area of Expertise: ChemE, Biology, Medicine (PhD, MD)
Area of Interest: Music and fitness


Lance – Location: Lincoln Nebraska, USA

Areas of Expertise: Computer Science, Physics and Art. Geographic Information Systems, Information Technology,  Mapping and Web technology, Graphic arts.
Areas of Interest: Camping, Rock music, gaming, education, techno gadgets, mythology.

Agent Smith – Location: Estcourt KZN South Africa
Areas of Expertise: Linguistics, handling problems that arise with swift decisive action, debunking religious apologetics.
Areas of Interest: Finding things wrong with the ideas of the world, horses and guitar and music in general



Xyston – Location: La Esperanza, Intibuca, Honduras
Areas of Expertise: BSC Hons combined in Biology, geology, certified technical diving instructor with BSAC, IANTD, NAUI and assistant instructor with PADI. Technical diplomas in engineering, design and construction. Founder member of the underwater archaeological society of Great Britain, member of the marine conservation society of Great Britain. Current occupation; consultant and construction project manager for a hydro-electric project in the western highlands of Honduras.
Areas of Interest: biology, geology, history, archaeology, religion, astronomy, and horses.

Viking – Location: Hamburg, Germany
Areas of Expertise: Pharmaceutical technician, Soldier
Areas of Interests: Medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, biology, astronomy, integrated management systems (IMS) and literature, traveling, cooking and art.

Dave  – Location: Beachwood, NJ USA
Areas of Expertise: Architecture, a registered professional architect
Areas of Interest: Classic rock, bass player, vocalist, debunking bad science and conspiracy theories, watching mindless entertainment on television, quest for the holy grail, and peril.

Francois Collin – Location: Villechétif, near the town of Troyes, Champagne, France

Areas of Expertise: Education, mediation, psycho-social support in addiction. Member of the oldest French association “La Libre Pensée (The Free Thought)” -founded in 1849-. Former Union activist (retired).
Areas of Interest: History, politics, human rights, free thought, humor, and anything that can make me less stupid.

Jay –  Location: Lakewood, Washington

Area of Expertise: Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering
Areas of Interest: biotech, virology, immunology, biology, microbiology, evolutionary biology, chemistry, geology, physics and history.

Senswato – Location: Roorkee India

Areas of Expertise: 19 years old,  with theoretical physics college student with a 4.0 CGPA

Areas of Interest: Physics, higher mathematics, and Computer Programming

Corax – Location: Vantaa, Finland

Areas of Expertise: Upper secondary school, matriculated in 2006 with cum laude. Enrolled to study English philology in 2009
Areas of Interest: cooking, nature programs, reading, and general wise-assery.

Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M  – Location: New York, USA

Originally from the Philippines, speaks different dialects and some languages eg Arabic, worked in Riyadh, KSA as an RN for 4 years.

Travels around the world with her Protestant husband who hates atheists, married for >20 years.

Area of Expertise:   RN, MSN, Post-Master’s degree in Adult Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive privileges. (GPA 4.0)

Consistent Honor student and Dean’s List/Graduated Cum Laude in BS Nursing in the Philippines

Founding Chairperson of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International  (HAPI) – Dec. 2013  to date. Human rights activist, environmental  and LGBT advocate.

Board of Trustees, member – Godless Grace Foundation -Jan 2106 to date

Founder of PATAS – Feb 14, 2011  and BATAS- Sept.  2011 (Retired   Dec 2013)


“Humanism is the best gift  of atheism” – ms M

David Grayson – Location: Los Angeles

Area of Expertise; Professional Actor, Mass media.12674594_10153216243881653_1458797679_n


Gelliebeans  – Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Area of Expertise; Politics and Taxes in the United States, Small business start up and management, Chronic illness
Area of interest; Chronic diseases and human biology, astronomy, quantum physics (learning newbie), art lithographs, rock, metal music, cats, hockey (LA Kings) all kinds of movies. Seeing local rock and metal bands, being a skeptic. I am the official keeper of useless information. Partner in crime with BeaglePSA really cool bunch of people and we all love children but can’t eat a whole one in a single sitting. Too many calories. PSSI am writing what I am told. I am basically the stenographer. 🙂 -gellie


Silver Man – Location: Berkeley California, USA

Areas of Expertise: Psychology, mental health services and statistics. PhD in Social Psychology from UC Berkeley. Mental health services analyst for San Francisco Department of Public Health. Former president of Chico Skeptics in Chico California. Member of numerous atheist/skeptics organizations.

Areas of Interest: Stereoscopic imaging (3D and VR), Burning Man (origin of Silver Man nickname), philosophy, science, science fiction.

Andrés Martínez Vargas: Location- Mexico City, Mexico

Area of Expertise; Profesor de asignatura at Facultad de Artes y Diseño. FAD. UNAM



The Skeptical Chief– Location: San Diego, CA

Areas of Expertise:
– Navy Chief Electronics Technician with specialties in RADAR, communications equipment and circuit card repair. (DON)
– Associate’s Degree in Arts with focus in Nuclear and Electronic Sciences. (University of Phoenix)
– Airframe/Power plant Aircraft Maintenance Certification. (FAA)
Areas of Interest:
– Philosophy
– Religion
– Critical Thinking
– Cognitive Bias
– Evolutionary Biology
– Politics
– Ethics







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