Debunking pseudoscience

How Fox News is brain-washing our senior citizens.

I find it interesting that more than half of Fox News viewers are 68 years old or older and the remaining half trends towards the older crowd (2016 Gallup polling). Their commericals reflect that as well. A lot of ads for Life Alert, walk-in bath tubs, retirement and life insurance, investing, pharmaceuticals, and activities poplar…
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Creationist Matt Powell asks AAPN Founder Daniel Fisk Bennett Questions, Here’s His Response.

It’s never easy talking to people like this, but Daniel did his best…

responses to popular anti-vaxer rhetoric

I made a generic copy/paste that you can all use against antivaxers: 1. The likelihood of ANY “vaccine injury” has less than a 0.01% chance of happening. (Which includes mild reactions) 2. Those scary toxins in the vaccines go through chemical reactions that make them harmless to the body and easy to metabolize. Think about…
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California’s glyphosate ruling crosses ethical lines.

California has a history of making bad rulings that crosses the into pseudoscience; and this latest incident is no different!

BREAKING NEWS: ISIS hold Santa Claus hostage after terrorist cell shoots down sleigh.

BREAKING NEWS: A bombshell report from the Pentagon shows that Santa Claus has been kidnapped by ISIS members somewhere in Syria around the Middle Euphrates River Valley. The report stated that ISIS probably used a rocket propelled grenade to down St. Nicks’ sleigh and drone footage shows what looks to be a crash sight with…
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Everything That’s Wrong With the Gene-Edited Babies

A Chinese researcher announced Monday that a woman has given birth to twins that he had genetically edited. As someone who works in biotech, I have a lot of strong feelings about this. I am all for genetically engineering and modifying plant, animal, and human life, as long as it is regulated, ethical, and safe.…
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How chronic pain sufferers / people with autoimmune diseases are targeted by woo.

A lot the time chronic pain sufferers/people w autoimmune diseases are desperate for a good treatment, or maybe even a cure even if their judgement tells them that is bad advice. People try to take advantage of these people all the time.I have polled a group of people that are chronically ill. Including myself. There’s…
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The problem of debating without knowing what the f*** the position of your opponent is. 

Have you ever debated with someone who says “you Atheists believe we came from a monkey…” or “it’s you who believe this or that”?
Knowing what your opponent thinks or what his/her points are should be the basis of every debate for it to have some merit.

David Goodall’s Death Reaffirms How Important the “Right to Die” Is

As many of you may have heard by now, renowned ecologist David Goodall has passed away. While it is of course extremely unfortunate to hear about the death of somebody who was well-loved, I think the details surrounding his passing make for an interesting philosophical discussion. The cause of his death was suicide, however it…
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