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Debunking pseudoscience

The Illuminator Comic: Bob the believer!

I created this character called Bob the Believer (Believer Bob),  the quintessential religious, Bible thumping, fundamentalist  whack job. Believer Bob tries unsuccessfully to stump Triangle Head every time.  You’ll notice that Bob totally rejects every scientific theory and favors Creationism at every turn. Cognitive Dissonance! Enjoy! 🙂 Also on Instagram @the_illuminator_comic What is The…
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The Illuminator Comic: A few decision trees.

Here are a couple of decision tree strips I did.   Also on Instagram @the_illuminator_comic What is The Illuminator Comic? “The Illuminator”, is a character driven comic strip by Chris Pinto, that turns Religion, Politics and Conspiracy theory on it’s head. The Protagonist, Triangle-head is an evil dude, with a soft heart. He is…
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The David Wolfe Formula to social media success

You probably have a contact among your Facebook friends that has shared some of Wolfe’s content, as some of it is quite interesting for people who don’t follow fan pages specialized in science and technology, it could be a post about a weather-proof bag, camping equipment made with top-notch technology, a quote, a motivational unfunded…
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The Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity

The ‘Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity This post was originally published on Mar 19 2015 here Today Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense takes its proverbial baseball bat to the skull that is the intellectual clusterfuck known as the ‘Ancient Aliens.’ Before treading any further down this alley, we would like to take a moment to make something clear.…
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Why The Bible is Bulls***!

Why The Bible is Bulls***! Why The Bible is Bulls***! ***Warning Explicit Language*** This article is for pure comedic enjoyment; what we have here is a ‘short’ list of some of the obvious BS in the bible and a very short summary to why it is BS. We hope you enjoy! -AAPN The story of…
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