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Debunking pseudoscience

The problem of debating without knowing what the f*** the position of your opponent is. 

Have you ever debated with someone who says “you Atheists believe we came from a monkey…” or “it’s you who believe this or that”?
Knowing what your opponent thinks or what his/her points are should be the basis of every debate for it to have some merit.

Mob behavior and the feeling of being right

People don’t want to understand, people want to feel they are right. Disagreeing online has become a dangerous thing to do, the internalization of beliefs and the fanatization of those who hold said beliefs puts an end to rationality and opens the door for visceral discussions. “Attacking my beliefs is attacking me, as I am…
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How I became an Atheist in Pakistan

  This story is being posted on behalf of a member of the AAPN community. Our friend Adeel. I am no different from anyone around me. Being born in a Muslim family I was no different from every other Muslim baby. When I was born my parents felt that I was blessing of Allah forgetting…
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Whooping In Washington

In Washington state, here in the United States, pertussis (whooping cough) caused nearly 200 campers to be sent home early after whooping cough prompted the YMCA of Greater Seattle to close the overnight camp on the Kitsap Peninsula. This is yet another dangerous example of the rejection of vaccine uptake. The rise of misinformation and…
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How Racism and Sexism Still Persists in the Atheist Community

  How Racism and Sexism Still Persists in the Atheist Community In my time being active in the atheist community, I have noticed that there has been a sort of subset of radical thinking. Racism and sexism have really been on the rise in the atheist community, and it’s showing up often in social media.…
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Atheists Helping the Homeless in NYC

AAPN is helping AHH with helping the homeless in cooperation with “Like” AHH and tag five friends in the post for a chance to win one of these two giveaway prizes, volunteers for the event will receive an additional entry! Send your submissions to the comment section on this website article with proof of “likes…
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One atheist’s view on eating meat

One atheist’s view on eating meat   When it comes to a topic like eating meat, you have to be able to separate what is viewed as food and what is not. We evolved as being omnivores, meaning we hunted for our food when the opportunity arose. We share many aspects with predators, forward facing eyes for…
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Religion’s abuse of the mentally ill

  Religion’s abuse of the mentally ill There has always been a stigma attached to mental illness and conditions such as epilepsy, which cause alarming seizures in otherwise healthy individuals. When society did not understand the cause of conditions that science has learned to identify and treat, people turned to religion to cope, and the…
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The Closet Atheist

The Closet Atheist Going to work and doing the normal routine comes simple for some people. They socialize, enjoy time with friends and try to live out their normal routine. For other people, life is a little more complex, and for some, live in the shadow of fear. In the religious world people are free…
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“Burger Fear Mongering.”

A report quickly went viral which claims to explain what happens to our bodies when we eat a McDonald’s Big Mac: As a biology major and skeptic I was immediately intrigued by this, so I began reading through the post — and holy hell… I quickly found myself reading an article that was nothing more than…
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