BREAKING NEWS: ISIS hold Santa Claus hostage after terrorist cell shoots down sleigh.

A bombshell report from the Pentagon shows that Santa Claus has been kidnapped by ISIS members somewhere in Syria around the Middle Euphrates River Valley. The report stated that ISIS probably used a rocket propelled grenade to down St. Nicks’ sleigh and drone footage shows what looks to be a crash sight with several dead reindeer.

A propaganda film was identified on an ISIS website showing Santa Claus tied to a chair with an ISIS member making demands to the west to convert to Islam immediately or suffer death. In the video they stated that they would make Santa Claus and the western world would “pay for his (Santa Claus) perversion and that he will be punished dearly for his actions.”

Santa Claus read a script with a gun to his head, pleading with world leaders to immediately implement Sharia law and apologizing for his apparent crimes against Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

At this current time, no information was available on the current condition of Santa Claus but officials at the Pentagon stated the situation looked grim. President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to have a press briefing in the morning when more information becomes available.

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