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Debunking pseudoscience

There Is No Conclusive Evidence That Cannabinoids Actually Cure Cancer

    On the subject of cannabis: Many healthcare providers can agree that cannabis can alleviate some symptoms associated with cancer, like pain and nausea, as well as the side effects associated with the various kinds of cancer treatments available. But there is no conclusive evidence that it targets any one of the thousands of…
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Enough With The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories!

  Some facts and figures for conspiracy theorists   •1 Inertia is a bitch, a fully loaded jumbo jet slammed into a tower at high speed dead center and at an angle; so the structural stability of the building was already compromised. •2 The steel doesn’t have to melt, although jet fuel doesn’t burn hot…
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The Inherent Dangers of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

The Inherent Dangers of the Anti-Vaccination Movement There has a trend growing in momentum over the past decade. The rise of misinformation and alternative medicine has been increasing and the rejection of science based modern medicine has been gaining unwanted momentum. The most profound and dangerous of examples is the rejection on vaccine uptake. As…
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