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Category: Logic and reason

Debunking pseudoscience

Response to the “Perfect Earth”

Have you ever actually looked at our planet? How many places on Earth would actually kill you if you were there? How many places on Earth are lethal to life in general, let alone human life? I’m sure in your natural state (meaning completely naked and unaided) if we dropped you just about anywhere from…
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Atheist in Wonderland

At some point or another many on-line atheists are drawn towards an enticing rabbit hole. A singularity of rabbit holes among the broad array of rabbit holes to be found in the bazaars of bad sectors and binary bullshit the the Internet has to offer. Shock and horror awaits, lurking in dark dot coms and…
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Logic, And Why God Isn’t The Answer

Originally published by our friends at Jan 10 2016 I have come across many different types of believers in my time. Those that believe because of Indoctrination, those that believe because of fear, those that believe because of personal experiences, and many more. But the one thing that I struggle with understanding more than any…
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The Hamza Tzortiz handbrake u-turn on scientific miracles in quran

The Hamza Tzortiz handbrake u-turn on scientific miracles in quran Originally published on March 2016   I was more than shocked having recently read Hamza Tzortiz’s essay stating: Regrettably, the scientific miracles narrative has become an intellectual embarrassment for Muslim apologists, including myself. Full paper can be read by clicking here I take my hat off…
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How Racism and Sexism Still Persists in the Atheist Community

  How Racism and Sexism Still Persists in the Atheist Community In my time being active in the atheist community, I have noticed that there has been a sort of subset of radical thinking. Racism and sexism have really been on the rise in the atheist community, and it’s showing up often in social media.…
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The Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity

The ‘Ancient Aliens’ Atrocity This post was originally published on Mar 19 2015 here Today Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense takes its proverbial baseball bat to the skull that is the intellectual clusterfuck known as the ‘Ancient Aliens.’ Before treading any further down this alley, we would like to take a moment to make something clear.…
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The Wolfe Howls Nonsense

A plea to think. When it comes to whole cloth nonsense, one can think of few better examples than David Wolfe. His fear mongering pseudoscience dupes people into believing the most outrageous of claims. It is scary to think that a man who actually believes that without salt being in water it would just ‘float…
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Logic, reason and pseudscientific nonsense

Logic, reason and pseudscientific nonsense Originally published on as Logic, reason and pseudscience The tripartite definition of knowledge states that propositional knowledge , i.e. knowledge that p , has three individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions: justification, truth and belief. In short, propositional knowledge is justified true belief. The belief condition requires that anyone who knows…
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Beagle’s Plea For Reason

Beagle’s Plea For Reason It barely needs stating, but I will say it anyway. The person that chooses not to vaccinate their child is a selfish, narcissistic creature with no regard for others. They don’t care if their child falls ill because they are convinced that a potentially devastating disease is somehow better than the…
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