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Tag: Religion

Debunking pseudoscience

The Illuminator Comic: Bob the believer!

I created this character called Bob the Believer (Believer Bob),  the quintessential religious, Bible thumping, fundamentalist  whack job. Believer Bob tries unsuccessfully to stump Triangle Head every time.  You’ll notice that Bob totally rejects every scientific theory and favors Creationism at every turn. Cognitive Dissonance! Enjoy! 🙂 Also on Instagram @the_illuminator_comic What is The…
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The Illuminator Comic: A few decision trees.

Here are a couple of decision tree strips I did.   Also on Instagram @the_illuminator_comic What is The Illuminator Comic? “The Illuminator”, is a character driven comic strip by Chris Pinto, that turns Religion, Politics and Conspiracy theory on it’s head. The Protagonist, Triangle-head is an evil dude, with a soft heart. He is…
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The Spectrum of Knowledge and Belief

The Spectrum of Knowledge and Belief I have at times accepted the Agnostic Atheist label I did so in part as an assertion of the scientific principle of uncertainty (I was never indoctrinated and haven’t experienced the doubts I have heard from those who struggled from the grasp of such). So it was definitely not being doubtful,…
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La religiosidad, consecuencia evolutiva.

La religiosidad, consecuencia evolutiva.   Los humanos somos criaturas capaces de encontrar patrones en el ambiente que nos rodea, pues nuestros cerebros han evolucionado de esta manera, siendo aquellos que encontraban significado a lo que estaba al alcance de sus sentidos los que tenían mayor posibilidad de sobrevivir; en el supuesto que dos cazadores estuvieran al…
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A possible link between the ultra religious and low IQ’s

A possible link between the ultra religious and low IQ’s A study from 2013 A study from Gallup Polling found religiousness across the U.S. in 2013 remained similar to previous years. With 61% of its residents classified as very religious, Mississippi held on to its position as the most religious state. % of Population With…
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Religion’s abuse of the mentally ill

  Religion’s abuse of the mentally ill There has always been a stigma attached to mental illness and conditions such as epilepsy, which cause alarming seizures in otherwise healthy individuals. When society did not understand the cause of conditions that science has learned to identify and treat, people turned to religion to cope, and the…
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The Closet Atheist

The Closet Atheist Going to work and doing the normal routine comes simple for some people. They socialize, enjoy time with friends and try to live out their normal routine. For other people, life is a little more complex, and for some, live in the shadow of fear. In the religious world people are free…
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