A possible link between the ultra religious and low IQ’s

A possible link between the ultra religious and low IQ’s

ultra religious

A study from 2013

A study from Gallup Polling found religiousness across the U.S. in 2013 remained similar to previous years. With 61% of its residents classified as very religious, Mississippi held on to its position as the most religious state.

% of Population With Bachelor’s Degrees or Higher: 20.4%

Median Household Income (2013): $37,963 (51st)

Average SAT Score (2013): 1673

Average IQ and Ranking: 94.2 (50th)

Mississippi is the state of a bygone era. Prior to the Civil War, Mississippi’s agricultural economy — and reliance on slave labor — made it the fifth wealthiest state in the country. However currently it is near the bottom in most economic and educational measures. Mississippi residents received $2.02 in federal spending for every dollar they paid in taxes. The state has the highest poverty rate in the country at 20.1%.




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